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Cooling Off Period – Mixed messages in the US and ...

The US-China aviation market has stagnated. For the first time in years growth will have come to a halt as of March 2019. The 12-month rolling average of capacity between the two nations will have stopped growing, according to OAG data.

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John Grant

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January, 03 2019

Punctuality League 2019 | Global Improvements Despite Increasing Challenges

On-time performance is becoming an increasingly valuable marketing message for airlines and airports around the world as the latest OAG results for 20...

Insight Reports Punctuality League
November, 01 2018

When Geography Plays A Part: JFK’s Dilemma

It seems that even the most mature markets are capable of a growth spurt. Asset utilisation has been a buzz word for airlines in recent years, getting...

Insight Reports Airports
October, 23 2018

Winter's North Atlantic Growth Spurt – Cheap Fares For All!

It seems that even the most mature markets are capable of a growth spurt. The arrival of the IATA Winter Schedules normally results in some form of sl...

Insight Reports North America Transatlantic
October, 18 2018

Japan’s Tourism Ambition – Going For Gold

It’s an ambitious target to increase your visitor numbers by some nine million in a few years; especially in what many would call a mature market such...

Insight Reports Japan Tourism Asia Pacific Asia Travel
September, 18 2018

London Heathrow is #1 International Megahub

Yet again, London Heathrow is the most internationally connected airport in the world, according to OAG’s Annual Megahubs International Index 2018. Th...

Insight Reports
August, 02 2018

What Will Happen with Heathrow's Approved Runway?

Over fifty years in the making, probably ten more to go and subject to lots of approvals, the proposed third runway at London Heathrow has finally bee...

Insight Reports
July, 05 2018

Summer's Hottest On-Time Performance

A typical Northern Hemisphere summer brings record braking temperatures, yearly ATC strikes throughout Europe, heavy thunderstorms in the United State...

Insight Reports
July, 03 2018

Billion Dollar Route

Distance, time and capacity are only a few ways in which the airline industry measures its Top 10, but there are other more telling measurements avail...

Industry News
June, 14 2018

Surprise Winners of Russia 2018

With the largest scheduled aviation database on the planet we’ve combined our data with detailed analysis of all 32 teams in the World Cup; assessed t...

Insight Reports
April, 24 2018

China Ties Stronger Connections to Thailand

It’s frequently hard to comprehend the rate of capacity growth in China in recent years and Thailand proves that point. The largest international mark...

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