Aviation data for consultancies

Create award-winning strategies and provide actionable market insight.

Drive accurate and data-backed decisions with the highest-quality data, giving your strategies the edge over your competitor.


With trustworthy aviation data, from schedules and connections to status and beyond, rest assured that you can plan for the long and the short term, eliminating risk.

Access insightful data point to analyze historical patterns and trends, and create award-winning strategies with a holistic view of the aviation industry.

With access to both raw data and powerful analytical tools, we help you create meaningful and easy-to-read data visualizations.



Our versatile platform provides businesses with the data they need, whenever they need it. Find new revenue streams, drive growth across operations and deepen relationships with customers.


Data delivery solutions that match the needs of your tools, projects & clients


Flight Info Direct, powered by Snowflake, is our cloud-based data solution that gives you fast access to rich insights, removing the need for ongoing data engineering, manual file downloads and software upgrades.

See our entire available database or filter the data you need to build customized reports.

Identify investment and forecasting opportunities with access to historical, current, and future verified data that goes through the strictest data quality process.

Run faster queries and download results into excel or connect your existing databases and visualization tools.


A powerful aviation analysis platform to drive commercial and operational decision making across the industry. Four key modules available including Schedules, Connections, DOT and Mapper.

Create customized reports to view capacity, top airline carriers and more as you build viable plans for growth and development.

Route planning, growth and competitive market analysis to give your reporting the edge over your competitors

Deep dive research on opportunity and data validation, aiding your strategies.


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