Global Flight
Connections Data

Flight connections make new destinations available to passengers, deliver choice and create new revenue opportunities. Use our Flight Connections Data to do airline market share analysis and spot attractive routes, airport and airline connections for new destination development, both internally and internationally.

Connections Data enables the travel ecosystem to have direct access to a weekly produced global view, which includes schedule data with 1 year validity for all passenger flights worldwide - that's more than 200 million single air connections in one view.

Increase revenues, reduce cancelations and refunds and improve operational efficiencies with the most complete view of the world's flight connectivity, underpinned by the freshest airline schedules in the market.

Top features and details: Global Connections Data

Geographic coverage


Data Sources



Types of Connections

Maximum connecting time - 12 hours

Maximum elapsed connecting time - 48 hours

Maximum circuity - 200%

Inter-airport connections - Included

Connection types - Online connections, interline connections, offline connections

Connecting flights - Single conn

Key Data Points

Origin (by cities, countries or ports)

Destination (by cities, countries or ports)

Gateway (by cities, countries or ports)

Flight number

Elapsed time

Departure and arrival date/time

Data Updates Frequency


Configurable/Query by





Data delivery

Flight Info Direct

Flight Info API

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Blend multiple sources of unique OAG travel data within a single, cloud-based platform to gain richer insights, make faster decisions, and identify game-changing opportunities.


Flight schedules, status and rich new data sets, easily accessible and all in one place.

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Make better decisions, faster, with near real-time flight status and schedule change updates.

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Gain direct access to live ready-to-query flight data through our partnership with Snowflake.

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How your business benefits from Global Flight Connections Data

More Flight Choices

Convert more bookings with enhanced flight options and gain competitive advantage with guaranteed accuracy. Increase meta-search traffic with improved visibility and attract revenue from a wider range of markets and demographics.

Strategic Planning

Our flight connections data helps make market share predictions and inform long term strategies and route analysis and development. Analyze connection frequencies on specific routes and carriers.

Reduce Refunds

Out of date data costs money and impacts customer retention. Build trust confidently with the best quality data.

Most up-to-date view

We can receive over 150,000 updates and air connection changes per day. Keep your systems and customers informed thanks to a weekly data refresh. We'll also check every 4 hours if a flight has been removed, meaning you'll always have the right information.

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