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Fueling big tech, metasearch, OTAs, start ups, booking apps and much more

OAG powers systems and applications to create innovative solutions across the whole travel ecosystem, including Airport Tech,  E-commerce, FinTech, Travel Retail and Hospitality Tech.



Future proof your data strategy and craft new offerings. Integrate our data with your systems and accelerate your time to insight with a single source of truth.

Not one size fits all. Access a variety of data sets and versatile delivery solutions and choose the one that suits your business model. 

Build trust with high quality data. With a strict data quality process, global flight coverage and new, unique data sets, we're trusted by start-ups and industry giants alike.



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Our versatile platform provides business with the data they need, whenever they need it. Find new revenue streams, drive growth across operations and deepen relationships with customers.


versatile data delivery solutions that are designed to match travel technology needs


Flight Info Direct, our cloud-based data solution, gives you fast access to data. Remove the need for data engineering, manual file uploads and software upgrades.



Automatically pull large volumes of data and seamlessly blend into your internal systems, using connectors and drivers for programming languages.

Access our entire available database, current and future verified schedules connections data, flight status and new datasets, or filter the data you need.

Run faster queries and download results into excel, or connect your existing databases and visualization tools. such as Tableau or Power BI.


Our Flight Info API is powered by the most modern format (RESTful JSON API) to deliver near real-time data frequency, giving you access to the freshest available data.

All in one place, our API is a suite of interrelated core data sets including schedules, flight status, seats and master data, allowing you to receive multiple data sets in one API call.

Increase click to book ratios by dramatically improving data accuracy and avoid unnecessary rebookings with accurate data first time every time.

Keep your customer updated at every stage of their journey by informing them of any changes as they happen. Our API helps you react to disruption quickly and manage resources proactively.


Designed to meet the up-to-the-minute needs of travel technology businesses at the heart of the aviation industry, Flight Info Alerts helps you make better decisions faster.

Stay on top of any changes and updates made to your customers’ flights and respond proactively.

Remove risk and reduce costs with instant alert notifications, ensuring the booking journey is always up to date.

Choose the changes that are important to you and see them all in one place.


Put your business in good company

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