Aviation data for governments & security

Improve border and customs operational strategies with OAG's aviation data for government & security

OAG's government aviation data systems will help distribute resources efficiently, reduce wait times and improve passenger experience with data that informs your border security and customs processes. 



With insight into both historical patterns and future schedules, maintain and monitor changes and plan efficiently for air passenger traffic and profile changes.

Fuel your digital travel health passes and  applications to validate flight details before passengers to facilitate easier border experiences.

Keep track of and react to changes that impact your airspace, with access to an unparalleled source of global flight data for governments and security.


The leading data platform for the global travel industry

Our versatile platform provides businesses with the data they need, whenever they need it. Find new revenue streams, drive growth across operations and deepen relationships with customers.


Aviation data delivery solutions designed to innovate government and security organizations


Flight Info Direct, our cloud-based data solution, gives you fast access to aviation data for governments and security organizations. Remove the need for data engineering, manual file uploads and software upgrades.

See our entire available database or filter the data you need to build customized reports.

Identify patterns and risks with access to historical, current and future verified Global Connections Data that goes through the strictest data quality process.

Run faster queries and download results into excel or connect your existing databases and visualization tools.


A powerful aviation analysis platform with accurate forward looking data enabling government agencies, such as immigration, border control, civil aviation authorities, and government departments for transport to plan ahead.

Five modules available including Schedules, Traffic, Connections. DOT and Mapper to evaluate and plan for the future.

Stay alert to traffics flow across your border, assisting in the management of resources such as airport staffing.

Conduct geospatial research and security threat analysis, enrich your policy planning, understand trends and more.


Our Flight Info API is powered by the most modern format (RESTful JSON API) to deliver near real-time data frequency, giving you access to the freshest available data, and allowing you to react to schedule changes as they happen.

All in one place, our API is a suite of interrelated core data sets including schedules, flight status, seats and master data allowing you to receive multiple data sets in one API call.

Understand security risks by integrating specific flight data into existing systems. Improve customs procedures with critical data inform intelligence and initiatives

Deploy and reallocate resources efficiently by accessing schedules changes to understand peaks and troughs.