Global airline
schedules data

With over 200,000 flight schedules changes a day, having access to the most accurate airline schedules data is a must. Our airline schedules data can be configured by airport, airline or alliance, at region, market and route level to give you the precise information you need for strategic planning. With our airline schedules database, get insights into air logistics, specific airline flight schedules and routes from or to a particular airport.

The world’s leading airlines share airline flight schedule information with us because of our proven, world-class ability to manage complex data feeds, exceptions, and anomalies to deliver the most well-informed and precise online flight schedules data to the travel ecosystem.

top features and details: Global airline schedules data

Geographic coverage


Data sources




Data time range

20+ years - approx 12 months ahead

Data updates frequency

Up to every 15 minutes

Key data points

Core flight schedule data e.g. carrier, flight number, departure/arrival times, flight date, departure/destination airports

Flight segments and legs e.g. flight route data, sequence number, stops, longest leg

Operating and Marketing Flights

Aircraft type

Seating by class

Service & Meals



Geography e.g. airport, country, region

Combinations e.g. Airline by region

Data delivery

Flight Info API

Flight Info Alerts

Flight Info Direct

Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM)


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Blend multiple sources of unique OAG travel data within a single, cloud-based platform to gain richer insights, make faster decisions, and identify game-changing opportunities.


Flight schedules, status and rich new data sets, easily accessible and all in one place.

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Make better decisions, faster, with near real-time status and flight schedule change updates.

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Gain direct access to live ready-to-query flight schedules data through our partnership with Snowflake.

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How your business benefits from global airline schedules data

Power booking systems

Maximize conversions and differentiate flight inventories with the latest flight schedules and changes without waiting for GDSs to make updates.

Air Service Development

Get access to flight schedules data by air carrier and airport which allows you to forecast traffic demand and make investment decisions. We provide you with airline schedules data that allows you to focus on your business and providing accurate air logistics information to your customers.

Reduce Reticketing

Avoid lost revenue and increase customer confidence by validating mismatched schedules from airlines and GDSs against a comprehensive flight schedules and airline routes database.

Deep market insights

Our airline schedules data helps you make investment decisions, plan resource and manage risk through rich data analysis of passenger flow and market demand.

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