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OAG's Flight Info API enables the entire travel ecosystem to access and seamlessly integrate a variety of flight data sets into existing systems and applications. Explore airline and flight data insights, with our flight schedules and status API, fueled by the most up-to-date technology. Features include:

Stay in the know

Keep your customer updated at every stage of the flight's journey. Our API gives you access to real-time data, allowing you to inform users of any flight schedule and status changes, as they happen. React to any disruption quickly and manage resources proactively with aviation insights in near real-time.

Your Data in one place

With access to a flight data and airline API of interrelated core flight data sets, you can quickly and easily access global airline schedules, flight status, flight changes and historical flight data in one API call.

Geared for growth

Access the latest enhancements and test new datasets as soon as they are available. Our flights API is powered by the most modern format (RESTful JSON API) and can be scaled in line with your business requirements or product portfolio.

How our flight api works

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In partnership with RapidAPI, we've adapted our flight data API offering to better suit the needs of the organizations accessing flight data via the solution. Take a look at the different packages through which we offer Flight Info API.



  • 1,000+ API hits per month
  • Includes Schedules, Status, Seats and Connections Data
  • Premium Support from a dedicated account manager and full Developer Portal access
  • Free trial (up to 100 hits, 14 days)
  • Subscription tiers up to 10m+ (overages apply)
  • Perfect for OTAs, Metasearch, TMCs, Travel Tech, Airports, Hospitality and Government & Operations.

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  • Up to 1,000 API hits per month (overages apply)
  • Includes Schedules and Status Data
  • Monthly contract with cancelation available anytime
  • Up and running in minutes
  • Free limited basic plan (50 hits per month, for testing purposes only)
  • Perfect for Travel Tech startups, or teams with smaller data capacity and budget.

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Key Benefits

Query airline schedules and status data within one flight API with OAG. Our Flight Info API gives customers direct, near real-time access to the full spectrum of flight schedules and flight status data that OAG holds. This allows customers to confidently view and respond to changes that occur across the full lifecycle of a flight. Perfect for Search & Booking Systems, Airports, Hospitality and Border Security and Management.

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Access the Freshest Data

The freshest flight schedules and status data in near real-time, enabling you to confidently feed this data into your own products and processes.

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Keep customers informed

Keep your customers informed of any changes to their upcoming travel (flight schedule and status changes, cancelations, delays).

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Seamlessly Integrated

Using the developer portal, users can access our wide range of resources and product documentation to integrate into their systems and applications quickly and easily.

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Effortless Insight

With coverage that spans the globe and data from 900+ airlines, you'll gain unparalleled access and up-to-date information on changes to any flight, worldwide.



OAG are the industry leaders in aviation data. The development of our flight data API ensures that we continue to make our data as easy to consume as possible for our customers, including additional, rich data sets within our core airline schedules and status data to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Our customers have full access to our developer documentation and an interactive portal. Powered by Microsoft Azure, our API Management Portal gives you all the tools you need to interact and integrate with OAG data. Experience our airline data API in a test environment, with product documentation and help guides on hand if needed.

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