Aviation data for airports

OAG helps 300+ airports spot commercial opportunities and improve customer experience.

Trust in precise insights, quality feeds and analytics to ensure you react with speed, create new opportunities and maintain confidence in the long and the short term.




Expand your airport’s reach, both for customers and airlines, identify gaps in the market and develop innovative offerings.

Respond to potential disruptions by allocating resources quickly. Alert passengers proactively to improve their airport experience.

With trustworthy aviation data, from schedules and connections to status and beyond, rest assured that you can plan for the long and the short term, eliminating risk.


The leading data platform for the global travel industry

Our versatile platform provides businesses with the data they need, whenever they need it. Find new revenue streams, drive growth across operations and deepen relationships with customers.


Versatile data delivery solutions, designed to match the needs of airports


Flight Info Direct, our cloud-based data solution, gives you fast access to our data. No more data engineering, manual file uploads and software upgrades.

Run faster queries and custom reports into your own analysis tools, Power BI, Tableau, Excel, or connect your existing databases and visualization tools.

Access to historical, current, and future verified connections data to identify opportunities for new airlines and enhanced customer experience, and make informed planning decisions.

See our entire available database or filter the data you need to ensure you receive the information that matters.


A powerful aviation analysis platform to drive commercial and operational decision making. Five modules available include Schedules, Traffic, Connections, Demand, DOT and Mapper.

Analyze commercial opportunities for new airline routes and services, identify underlying aviation trends and monitor competitor network and activity.

Forecast passenger traffic for existing or potential routes, development business cases for new air services, and supporting discussions with airlines about new or amended air services.

The most accurate tool for understanding true connectivity at any airport and the impact of airline operations.


Our Flight Info API is powered by the most modern format (RESTful JSON API) to deliver near real-time data frequency, giving you access to the freshest available data, and allowing you to react to schedule changes as they happen.

All in one place, our API is a suite of interrelated core data sets including schedules, flight status, seats and master data allowing you to receive multiple data sets in one API call.

Provide a frictionless experience by keeping passengers up to date on the schedule and flight status, with multiple live status, time, terminal, and gate displays.

Deploy resources efficiently, react to any disruption quickly and manage proactively.


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