Aviation data for finance

Detect new indicators, recognize risk and forecast performance with trusted, specialist data

Identify the best investments and generate Alpha with access to flight schedule changes and airline capacity data for future and historic flights.

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Understand the demand side of travel to analyze future traffic flows and conduct risk analysis for stock forecasting and airline valuation.

Analyze asset allocation based on capacity planning and view supply chain/ fleet utilization trends to evaluate efficiencies and revenue indicators.

Gain commercial and operational intelligence with wider data points to develop alternative investment strategies

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expand your aviation data analysis with versatile solutions and richer data points


Flight Info Direct, our cloud-based data solution, gives you fast access to data. Remove the need for data engineering, manual file uploads and software upgrades.

Access to high quality, trusted historical, current and future verified schedules data that goes through the strictest data quality processes.

See our entire available database, filter the data you need to build customized reports and overlay easily with third party data.

Run faster queries and download results into excel or connect your existing databases and visualization tools.


A powerful aviation analysis platform to identify trends and understand market sizes.  Five modules available include Schedules, Traffic, Connections, Demand, DOT and Mapper.

Analyze commercial opportunities for new airline markets and services, identify underlying aviation trends and monitor competitor network and activity.

Gain a detailed understand of traffic flows to inform merger and acquisition strategies and investment opportunities.

Understand true connectivity at any airport or across any market or region and the impact of airline operations.


Our Flight Info API is powered by the most modern format (RESTful JSON API) to deliver near real-time data frequency, giving you access to the freshest available data, and allowing you to react to schedule changes as they happen.

Accessible through the self-serve environment of our Developer Platform.

Delivers the data you want to see based on your chosen filters.

Updated in near real-time, as we receive the data directly from carriers.