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Listen to the latest news in the aviation industry by checking out Airline Weekly's podcasts, sponsored by OAG. 

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 59 - Forward-looking Statement

Ryan Air.fw.png

Leisure demand was one of the defining stories of 2016—will the trend continue? Is the burgeoning low-cost longhaul model for real? What about premium travel? Will Airbus and Boeing see a rebound in aircraft orders? Will the CSeries continue the momentum it saw in 2016? 

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 57 - Heading South


South African Airways finally published its fiscal year results for the 12 months ending March 2015 and the result—a $442m net loss—wasn’t worth the wait. But with the Ebola scare and high oil prices now in the past, how is the airline doing today?

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 58: Reductive Reasoning (Sponsor)


If anybody needed a reminder that the airline business is an interesting business, they got it last week as Air Berlin announced it will be handing over a big chunk of itself to arch competitor Lufthansa. Will Air Berlin be saved by shrinking itself?

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 56 - CEO Interview: Frontier’s Biffle (Sponsor)


Frontier Airlines' CEO Barry Biffle opens up on some interesting topics, such as Frontier’s successful second quarter, unit revenue pressures and what it takes to grow capacity 20% per year.

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 55: Canadian Continuity (Sponsor)


Despite a major oil bust and the weakening currency that followed, Canada’s airlines continue to plod along. Listen to Airline Weekly's take on Air Canada as well as the latest in Mexico.



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