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Which is the biggest airline in the Middle East? Where is the busiest airport in the region? Which countries have the most airline capacity and how is this split between low-cost and mainline carriers? All of these questions and more are answered in our monthly Middle East aviation data analysis and commentary. Data is sourced from OAG's Schedules Analyser; a cutting-edge platform for airline schedule analysis. 


Airline Capacity in the Middle East | May 2024

How is Capacity Split between Low-Cost and Mainline?

  • In the Middle East LCCs account for 28.2% of capacity, whilst mainline carriers operate the rest. 
  • Low cost carriers are growing fastest again this month, with an increase of 7.2% on the same month in 2023. 

Top 10 Middle East Country Markets | May 2024


Which Middle Eastern Country Has Most Airline Capacity?

  • Qatar is experiencing the fastest growth amongst the Top 10 Countries in the region this month, with an increase of 19% in seats.
  • The biggest volume growth is in the UAE, which is the largest market and has seen growth of 12% this month, translating to almost 800,000 additional seats this month on last month.
  • Israel capacity is down by 45% this month compared to last month, with capacity down to 766,000 from 1.4m last May, continuing the trend of recent months. 


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Top Ten Middle East Airports | May 2024


Which is the Busiest Airport in the Middle East?

  • Capacity at Dubai increases this month to just over 5m seats, an increase on last May of 7.2%, cementing it's position as the largest airport in the region
  • Next largest is Doha, with 2.7m seats in May 2024, although currently growing at a faster rate than Dubai, with an increase of 18.7%, driven by Qatar Airlines' strong growth.
  • Capacity is growing at all of the Top 10 hubs across the Middle East, with the exception of Tel Aviv where current levels of capacity are 44.7% below 2023, and Kuwait where capacity has dropped slightly on last year. 
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Top Ten Middle East Airlines | May 2024


Which is the biggest Middle Eastern airline?

  • FlyNAS has seen the biggest increase in capacity this month, with an increase of 28.5% on last May, whilst Saudia who are more than twice their size, grew slower, with an increase of 6.4%.  
  • In the UAE, Emirates remains the biggest carrier in the region, but capacity growth remains steady at 3.3%. Etihad, meanwhile has also added significant capacity this month with an increase of 26.6% on last May.  
  • Strong growth too from Qatar, with 17.6% more seats than last May, pushing them above Saudia this month into 2nd largest in the region, by just 12,700 seats. 



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