Uncover richer insights, make faster decisions,

and identify game-changing opportunities.

The travel world is looking for innovations that can drive business forwards with confidence and clarity, and OAG is leading the way – with our new tech platform OAG Metis.

By unifying and blending multiple sources of unique OAG travel data within a single, cloud-based platform, OAG Metis is designed to power your growth and success by helping you uncover richer insights, make faster decisions, and identify game-changing opportunities.

Through OAG Metis, you gain the data-driven visibility you need to navigate today and unlock tomorrow.

Immediate Insight


Flight schedules, status and rich new data sets, easily accessible and all in one place.

The way we deliver flight and travel data has taken a quantum leap forwards with our Flight Information API – a foundational component and part of OAG Metis, our exciting new cloud-based platform.

Our Flight Information API is powered by the most modern format (RESTful JSON API) to deliver near real-time flight data frequency, giving you access to the freshest available data, and allowing you to adapt confidently to flight schedule delay changes as they happen.

Accessible through the self-serve environment of our new Developer Platform

Flight schedules changes lookup delivers the data you want to see based on your chosen filters

Premium flight seats data availability, with enhanced granularity and accuracy and cabin availability for First, Business, Premium Economy, Economy Plus and Economy


Make better decisions faster, with near real-time status and flight schedule change updates.

The moment we receive a flight schedule change or a status update from a carrier, we identify the change, verify the change, and deliver instant notifications to you through Alerts.

Alerts is designed to meet the up-to-the-minute needs of businesses at the heart of the travel and aviation industries.

Airports can respond proactively to changes to optimise planning and resource allocation

Ground handlers can stay on top of flight changes and changing equipment requirements

Hospitality providers can make faster planning decisions to ensure customer satisfaction

Freight operators can adapt quickly to delays or changes to relabel and reroute cargo


Gain direct access to live ready-to-query data through our partnership with Snowflake

Through OAG Metis, we can enhance the way that your business accesses flight data as well as increase the speed with which you query and process that data significantly.

By working in close collaboration with Snowflake, the modern cloud-based data warehouse, we can give you fast access to rich insights and remove your need for ongoing data engineering, manual file uploads, and software upgrades, allowing you to expand your data footprint with ease.

Accelerate analysis and decision making through faster data

Improve operational efficiencies with near real-time datasets

Enhance productivity with faster query speeds

Minimize operational challenges with secure data assessment


Technology Partners

We work in partnership with leading technology developers, including Snowflake and Microsoft Azure, to create powerful solutions you can count on, with the flexibility to scale and grow with your needs.

OAG Metis delivers

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Effortless Insight

Access all the unique OAG data you want, in any format you want, everywhere you need it.

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Brilliant Clarity

See your industry with unmatched clarity, across a variety of use cases and combine our flight data sets with your own to uncover even more opportunities.

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Peace of Mind

Experience the certainty of having access to the most accurate and up to date aviation data all in one place, all the time.

OAG Metis & Your Business

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Opportunity Generator

OAG Metis is an open platform that’s easy to integrate and fully configurable to your needs, allowing you to pull together your choice of content for a powerful single view.

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Innovation Driver

Decide how you want to drive your business forward by using a solution that provides guidance through predictive technology and a unique data-driven view of the industry.

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Dynamic Collaborator

We can be a partner that helps you create your future – through the development partner programme which allows us to better understand what you need.

Take the Next Step

If you’d like to know more about Metis or want to talk about your specific requirements you can schedule a call with one of our specialists.

Or, if you want to get hands-on with Metis, you can also request a free trial.