Flight Data Sets

The world’s most accurate and information-rich flight data

Explore premium aviation data sets including global airlines schedules, historical data, connections, passenger bookings including real-time flight status, available seamlessly via Cloud, Data Feed and API Solutions.


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Aviation data you can depend on

Relieve the pressure to perform with aviation data designed to streamline operations, predict resource requirements and optimize decision making on the ground.

Whether by flat file transfer, dynamic data feed or API, we offer definitive flight and airport data with unique connection insight and impeccable uptime.

Stay on top of your industry

Analyze and explore airline industry trends with the latest aviation resources and expert analysis.

On-Time Performance

Global rankings and reports compiled using the most comprehensive airline schedule database in the world.

Frequency and Capacity Statistics

See the latest Frequency and Capacity report with commentary from our expert analysts.  The report contains statistics on: seats by region, top 20 country pairs, top 20 airlines and top 20 airports.

Busiest routes right now

View and interrogate OAG’s ever popular Busiest Routes whenever you need as they evolve and change over time. Including the Top 10 Busiest Global Routes, Top 10 Domestic Routes and International Routes by region.

Busiest Airports in the World

What is the Busiest Airport in the World this month? View and interrogate the World's Top 10 Busiest Airports (domestic and international) and the Top 10 International Airports.