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Busiest Domestic Airline Routes - July 2O21

July sees the return of a large Japanese domestic air route, Tokyo – Okinawa, to the Top 10 Global Domestic Routes for the first time since the pandemic began. At 9th busiest, this air route joins two other Japanese core domestic routes serving Sapporo (Hokkaido Island) to the north and Fukuoka to the south from Tokyo. Whilst both of these air routes compete with the Shinkansen (Japan’s high speed rail ‘bullet’ train), the appeal of travelling by air to these cities to and from Tokyo continues to be strong.

There are other changes in the Top 10 Global Domestic Air Routes this month. Melbourne-Sydney has dropped out due to the latest round of lockdowns in Australia, and Cancun-Mexico City enters the Top 10,  the biggest Mexican domestic air route, is 7th largest globally this month.

Busiest International Airline Routes - July 2O21

This month, nine of the Top 10 Busiest International Air Routes are operating short sectors of less than three hours. The average distance flown in the Top 9 is just below 1,000 miles and continues to be dominated by popular air leisure markets including Russian Federation – Crimea and Turkey, and the US-Cancun and San Juan. The 10th route is the only long-haul air market in the Top 10, operating between France and Guadeloupe, a French governed overseas territory in the Caribbean. The inclusion of Dusseldorf-Palma this month in 8th place reflects the significant demand for outbound leisure travel from Germany to Spain.


The busiest air routes are defined as those with the largest volume of scheduled airline seats in the current calendar month. Data is for flights in both directions on each route and is sourced from OAG Schedules Analyzer in the first week of each month. The data reflects the most recent full calendar month for the busiest scheduled domestic and international aviation routes in each category.