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Busiest Domestic Airline Routes - September 2O21

This month sees a slight change to the Global Top 10 Busiest Domestic Routes. With the exception of the Middle East’s busiest domestic route operating between Saudi Arabia’s two biggest cities of Riyadh and Jeddah, all the other Top 10 Domestic Routes operate within Asia. Cancun-Mexico city has dropped out of the Top 10 with the return of capacity between Chengdu-Beijing which makes it into 10th place. Japan retains three of the top 10 places, with four operating within China.

Turning to China sees capacity recovering well after the August lockdowns which placed severe restrictions on cross-country travel. Capacity on China’s busiest domestic routes has now returned to the levels operated in July 2021, or slightly above.

In the US domestic market, New York-Los Angeles has moved to the top spot this month as the busiest US domestic route. Denver-Phoenix has also returned to the Top 10, moving into third place.

Busiest International Airline Routes - September 2O21

This month, the three busiest global international airline routes again all originate or end in the Russian Federation. Routes between the Russian Federation and Turkey remain popular again this month, particularly for leisure travelers, and a fourth route, between Antalya and Moscow Vnukovo is in 5th place.

Some other key global airline routes have returned this month as capacity starts to see more recovery in the Middle East, with Dubai-London Heathrow in at 8th place, Delhi-Dubai in 9th place and Tehran-Istanbul in 10th place.



The busiest air routes are defined as those with the largest volume of scheduled airline seats in the current calendar month. Data is for flights in both directions on each route and is sourced from OAG Schedules Analyzer in the first week of each month. The data reflects the most recent full calendar month for the busiest scheduled domestic and international aviation routes in each category.