Flight Emissions Data

Air travel carbon emissions data and fuel burn data is being used across the ecosystem in a variety of ways; enabling passengers to make informed decisions; inform carbon offsetting choices; ESG reporting; development of sustainable fuel strategies, improve fuel efficiency and flight operational performance.  This allows for a more in-depth look at airplane pollution statistics.

OAG Labs, a dedicated data science team, created a model that analyses and calculates Fuel Burn and Carbon Emissions for schedules and historic flights per ton, per flight, per flight stage and per seat, meaning you can analyze and report on air travel carbon emissions.

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Geographic Coverage


750+ Airlines

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Key data points

Fuel burn by tonnes, flight, flight stage and seat

Air travel carbon emissions by tonnes, flight, flight stage and seat

Data time range

2019 Actual Flights

Scheduled Flights – 1 year forward





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How your business benefits from Flight Emissions Data

Point of Booking Decisions Making

Passengers want to make better informed booking choices, see better ‘labelling’ around the flights schedules to make greener travel choices and help lower their contribution to airplane CO2 emissions.

ESG Reporting

As climate related financial disclosures surge, investors can easily analyze the effects of climate risk on airline valuations using a flight emissions model built by flight data experts.

Carbon Offsetting

Inform and devise sustainable travel strategies whether you are a travel provider looking to differentiate or corporate looking to reduce the impact of employees’ business travel flight emissions.

Fuel Consumption and Operational Efficiency

Using alternative and new air travel emissions data sets can identify key areas of improvement for airlines who need to optimize every flight and movement on the ground and in the air.

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