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No time to wait: European delays getting worse

Painting the Town Red - How Air Transat Fits with Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge

The Pursuit of Punctuality

Forget robots (for now): Travelers want simplicity and humans at the airport

SWOOP – Making Waves at Airports

Florida’s Fastest Growing

A Smashing Summer Coming Up

Memorable Data for a Memorial Day Weekend

India’s Domestic Aviation Policy – UDAN Delivers

Football’s Challenging Journeys

Europe Slows for Summer

Africa's Liberalisation Slows

Long-Haul Low-Cost...Not as Disruptive as You may think?

The World’s Busiest Routes Uncovered

China’s Largest Opportunity – The World's Next Mega Carrier?

Chinese travel to the heart of Game of Thrones

Joining Up the Americas – The Rewards of Joint Ventures

The Norwegian Effect

Cooling Off Period – Mixed messages in the US and China air traffic market

Vietnam Goes Mainstream

Chinese New Year 2019 - Facts and Figures

Spot The Difference in US Low-Cost Carriers

Punctuality League 2019 | Global Improvements Despite Increasing Challenges

The Vienna Waltz

The Rise and Rise of IndiGo

Battle for the Bay

From Hassle to Holiday

When Geography Plays A Part: JFK’s Dilemma

Winter's North Atlantic Growth Spurt – Cheap Fares For All!

Japan’s Tourism Ambition – Going For Gold

India on the Move - Infographic

HNA Group – Point To Point

China Eastern - Domestic Dominance

Southern Strength – Aircraft Orderbook Reflects China Southern Ambitions

Air China - China's Most International Airline Group

Inside China's Airline Families – Eyeing Up The Neighbours

London Heathrow is #1 International Megahub

What Will Happen with Heathrow's Approved Runway?

Summer's Hottest On-Time Performance

Billion Dollar Route

Surprise Winners of Russia 2018

Amazon, Facebook and the Future of Travel Tech Booking

Fast Growing Airports Linked To Southwest Success

Delhi Delights - A bright future for one of India's oldest cities

The World's Top 20 Busiest Routes

China Ties Stronger Connections to Thailand

The Race for Deliveries – China Trumps United States

Predictive Intelligence: The Rising Star in Travel Tech Adoption

Gearing up for High Tech Growth

Catching Up At Airports - The Ins and Outs

Hong Kong - How To Avoid Being Late

The Secret Weapon for Business Travel Airline Negotiations: Analytics

FIFA World Cup Will Add to Russian Aviation Boom

Adolescent Growing Pains and Transatlantic Renaissance

How to Outshine Your Peers - Punctuality League 2018

OAG's 8 for 2018

Essential Metrics For Global Airlines

Following the Leader: Los Angeles – Sydney

Australia Long-Haul Low-Cost and Lessons for North Atlantic

Western Australia – A Minefield of Trends and a Glimmer of Hope

China - Australia, The Skies Just Keep on Opening

Auf Wiedersehen, Air Berlin

On-Time Performance Star Ratings for October Revealed!

A Monarch Dethroned

OAG Megahubs Index 2017 is here!

Ryanair Pilots – Two key seats to be filled for all airlines

Argentina - Leaving the Low-Cost Wilderness

B757s Going Back to the Core

Laptop Losers – Connectivity impact for Europe’s key hubs

Dynamics of Connectivity – Bangkok – The Tourism Hub

Dynamics of Connectivity – Kuala Lumpur – Leading With Low-Cost

Dynamics of Connectivity – Haneda – Japan’s Beating Heart

Dynamics of Connectivity – Singapore – Regionally Relevant

Dynamics of Connectivity – Hong Kong – An International Hub Icon

Irish Charm, Strategically Applied!

Rwanda: brave and bold moves for the next African hub

United States and Cuba: Riding the Wave of Capacity Growth

Europe Looking East: The Rise of Three Trending Destinations

Goldilocks and on-time performance

Lesson in Long-Haul, Low-Cost

Who Is The Biggest of Them All...?

How Millennials and the Sharing Economy are Driving a new Travel Tech Landscape in the U.S.

Eyeing the prize – opportunities for more direct India-UK air services

A Japanese Gem: Uncovering the Aviation Potential of Okinawa

The American Way – Long-distance relationships

The American Way – Cheap Dates

The American Way – Sweet Nothings

The American Way – Labours of love

The American Way – What seven year itch?

Japan January – Keeping up with Bakugai

Japan January - Domestic Japan – still all about JAL and ANA

Japan January - Low cost finally makes its mark in Japan

Japan January - The Haneda Story

Japan January – On-time performance – Japan shows how it’s done

Iceland – Seriously Cool

Airport and airline winners of OAG's Punctuality League 2016 announced

Transatlantic Attraction - The Story Continues

The world's most connected airports of 2016

US Big Three Results Drive Punctuality Improvements

Incredible India - Friend or Foe?

Incredible India - Connections in Big Cities

Incredible India - Legacy Fightback

Incredible India - Capacity Crunch

Incredible India - Two Versions of Regional Connectivity

Investing Wisely with Aviation Data

Morocco - Doing West Africa Proud

Rebooting South America’s Hubs

China’s Outbound Love Story

The Developing Transatlantic Low-Cost Battle

Sofia - The Latest Aviation Battleground

The long and the short of the 787 at All Nippon

From Australia to the UK; an Ambitious Journey

Busiest day of the year meltdown: The Atlanta Blues

United States – Mexico: Opening the Skies Further…

The Slot Machine

Phoenix to Orlando – whatever next in the US one-stop shop?

Finders Keepers

Underserved Routes from A to B, via C

Joining Up The Dots - Asia's Megacities

Changi - A case of prudent planning?

2015 Trends - 18 Months On

Some habits need to be broken

Airbnb and Low-Cost Airlines - Creating New Trends?

Aruban Air Service Development – No Caribbean Holiday

Top 10 unserved routes from key Eastern Europe markets

Airline passengers embrace self-connection

Alaska Airlines consolidates West Coast position

A ‘blank canvas’ look at US-Tokyo flights

Seattle’s 1,000km advantage

Low Cost: The new norm in Eastern Europe

The Pandemic Cycle

All-new Global Monthly OTP Reports for Airlines and Airports

The first (and hopefully the worst and last) of 2016’s Winter Storms

Iran - plenty of potential on paper (at least)

Well done to our Punctuality League winners!

Christmas Wishes from OAG

Royal Air Maroc helps reconnect West Africa aviation

Which markets are driving China’s international capacity growth?

The Truth About Padding - Lifting the Lid on Airline OTP

Thanksgiving Getaways from OAG

Ryanair – a late arrival to the Israel-EU market

Phoenix, the Megahub for both legacy and long-haul

OAG reveals Top 50 World’s Most Connected Airports

Iran - Do Changes to its Aviation Landscape Beckon?

The Big Five - Challenging Times

Flying Through the Years of the Rugby World Cup

Aeroflot to the Rescue

Alaska Airlines Strengthens Relationship With American

SG50 Singapore's Aviation Evolution

Flights Over Beijing To Be Restricted As China Holds V-day Parade

Your Most Powerful Aviation Data Set

Analysing Delta Air Lines' role at Dallas

Delivering Passengers: Gulf Carriers Importance for US Airlines

The End of an Era - Airbus & Boeing Aircrafts

The Fight For Global Markets

Japan-Taiwan Air Services – Benefitting from Open Skies

The Danger of Trend Analysis

Scottish APD: More of the same or are we at the beginning of the end?

Bangalore – A Microcosm of Indian Aviation?

1501 miles and counting

Good enough?

OAG at the movies

Chinese New Year Infographic - Year of the Goat

Survive or Thrive? European legacy carriers battle competition and costs

Low cost – every little helps…

IAG and Aer Lingus – all about the slots?

How big a hole will Cyprus Airways' suspension leave?

Who are the best-performing airlines and airports?

Top 5 aviation trends to look out for in 2015

How does the future look for the A350?

Impact of London airspace closure (infographic)

Nats power failure affects London airspace and flights

'Tis the season...to travel

“Thainess” Tourism Year - what does the data hold for 2015?

Scottish APD - how devolution could affect the aviation industry

CAPA World Aviation Summit 2014 round-up

A sobering thought: OAG analysis of delay compensation data

Big in Japan: Are LCCs on the verge of making it?

Where will the largest airports be in 2017?

The Consequence of Falling Oil Prices

China vs the US - Aviation Today

VIDEO: EVP John Grant talks to Bloomberg News about the Ebola crisis

When slots are not enough

How will Ebola affect the aviation industry?

Have the DOJ's plans for opening up the domestic market succeeded this summer?

Can long haul low cost work in Europe?

European airports see an improvement in on-time performance - June 2014

Day at the races

What are Emirates doing with their A350s?


OAG's monthly on-time performance review for April 2014


OAG's monthly on-time performance review for March 2014


OAG's monthly on-time performance review for February 2014


OAG's monthly on-time performance review for January 2014

OAG February FACTS

OAG December FACTS

OAG's monthly on-time performance review for October 2013

OAG's John Grant: Heathrow's fall from grace will impact us all

OAG November FACTS

Traffic Analyser is live!

Global Airline Alliances Insight


Does Oneworld have the edge in South America?

Traffic Analyser News

Love on the Rocks

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