Passenger booking data

Enables access to secure flight passenger booking data, including where air passenger traffic originates, connects and ends and analyze point of sale by country and region. Get insights into average flight price history, dating back to 2010, and accurately analyze average air fare trends across the globe. Understand traffic flows across international markets to support route development, infrastructure investment, forecast market trends and develop business cases.

Top Features and Details: Passenger Booking Data

Geographic Coverage


Data Updates Frequency

>Month. Available by travel month

Data Time Range

Passenger booking and average fare trends data back to 2010. Future flights passenger booking data 1 year in advance

Key data points

Origin and Destination Passenger booking counts

Segment Passenger booking counts

Average fares

Online Fares- network-wide, route and flight level available flight price trends data for selected carriers


By Origin and Destination, Segment, Operating/Marketing Carrier, Airport, City, Country, Region, Travel Date, Booking date, Booking Class, Point of Sale Country/Region, Point of Origin

Data delivery

Flight Info API - available soon

Flight Info Direct - available soon

Analytics platform - Traffic Analyzer


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Blend multiple sources of unique OAG travel data within a single, cloud-based platform to gain richer insights, make faster decisions, and identify game-changing opportunities.


Flight schedules, status and rich new data sets, easily accessible and all in one place.

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Make better decisions, faster, with near real-time flight status and schedule change updates.

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Gain direct access to live ready-to-query data through our partnership with Snowflake.

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How your business benefits from Passenger Booking Data

Understand market trends and competitive threats

Analyze passenger traffic and average flight price history to understand where traffic originates, connects and ends. Monitor competitor activity, benchmark and compare airline price trends for different routes and analyze point of sale and point of origin. Identify opportunities and grow market share.

Drive international market demand

Discover the origin of inbound tourists to work with airlines and airports to create more direct flights, increasing tourism & hospitality revenues.

Support investment decisions

Deep dive research on opportunities and validate data to aid aviation and travel industry investment decisions.

Improve operations & services

Analyze passenger flows to improve operations and passenger experiences. Create offerings based on flow of passengers, at any given time and direct investment and resources accordingly.

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