With over 9000 flights cancelled every week around the world, accurate real-time flight status and air traffic data means you can react quickly to unfolding disruption and support dynamic planning on the ground. Whether you are helping customers instantly book a new ticket after a cancellation or proactively informing travellers about critical risks and flight delays, OAG's flight status data will ensure you get the flight status alerts you need and keep your customers one step ahead.

Unique to OAG, historical flight status data insight can also help drive strategy and the predictive innovation that is redefining the way the travel ecosystem operates.

Respond to flight changes with real-time flight data updates showing disruption and delays.

Ensure you, your customers and your end users are aware of flight changes in real-time. Share updates across the wider travel eco-system, trigger re-booking and re-ticketing activity as disruption ensues.

Use flight status feeds to stay on top of delays, cancellations and changes. Grow your offering with innovative day-of-travel and onward travel services to strengthen your reputation for reliability and accuracy, and continually improve your customer service.

  • Used by leading Airlines, Airports, Airport Integrators, GDSs, OTAs, Travel Tech and Metasearch companies
  • Access to global live flight data feeds for a complete snapshot of all current flight statuses
  • Get data pushed in an XML / JSON format

Real-time flight status information delivered via API. Data to personalise your applications and support dynamic operational planning.

Choose the feeds you need from our flight status data.  Save time and manual processing power by selecting only what's relevant to you.  Use this API to help you formulate day-of-travel and onward travel services, tailoring your supply using query response.

Flexible, easily-consumed global flight status information integrates seamlessly with existing solutions and products. Live flight data feeds for airport operational systems, flight information displays, digital displays, websites, applications and reservation systems. Overlay contextual and historical data to drive predictive technology and trigger contingency plans for delays or diversions.

Access the real-time flight data in a number of ways to suit you and your clients:

  • Query Response – Current flight status information delivered in easily readable XML & JSON
  • Global Data Feeds – A complete snapshot of all current flight statuses followed by changes to flight status on a continuous basis
  • Airport Delay API - Continually updated delay status information on inbound and departing flights
  • Weather API - Description and graphic depiction of weather tied to airport IATA codes, delivered on a periodic basis. Includes current weather and forecast data.

A range of unique historical flight information and performance data for deep insight and analysis.

Historic flight data to drive your internal and competitive benchmarking, as well as future strategy and innovation.

Analyze airline, airport and route performance with our unique archive of historical flight status data for operational insight, competitive negotiations and informed decision making. Use aggregated data for predictive modelling and anticipate delays ahead of time for a proactive approach.

OAG can offer exclusive access to information dating back to 2004.

Historical data includes: Flight On-Time Performance Reports, scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, delay and cancellation information, terminal, gate, baggage claim, aircraft equipment and codeshare information.

  • Used by: Airlines, Airports, Travel Technology, Airport Services, Governments and Agencies, Travel Distribution, Telecommunications and Satellite Communications
  • Accessed via XML web service or customised format
  • Available 48 hours after flight arrival and constantly updated

Real-time flight status alerts help to inform your next move and ensure your customers are notified in the face of delays and disruption.

Notifications delivered via HTTP(S) for you to redistribute or sent directly via email or SMS to your customers. Keep passengers, travel agents and companies informed about critical changes to travel plans.

Receive instant flight status updates as they happen. Get the right data to the right people on the ground, mitigate disruption and initiate contingency plans. Help airlines, airports and their partners deliver extraordinary passenger experiences, whatever the day throws at them.

  • Used by: Airports, Airlines, Corporate Travel Management companies, Travel Tech, Airport Services and Cargo businesses
  • Get competitor advantage with full visibility
  • Fully flexible to receive and distribute notifications via HTTP(s) to send email or SMS Flight Status alerts


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