Aviation data for Airport service providers

Increase efficiencies and deliver a world class passenger experience

Improve productivity and create opportunities across the board with precise airport traffic,  flight schedules and status data that make resource allocation more effective. Understand and respond to flight changes, delays and disruptions and develop your processes.


Stay informed of schedules, changes and delays  to mitigate knock-on effects to your staff and customers in near-real time. Track a flight's tail number to understand its full journey and keep alert to current and predicted flight delays as they happen. 

Baggage handlers, cleaning services, refuellers, ground services, catering and retail can stay ahead of changes and ensure they've got what they need when they need it, thanks to a single source of truth.

Analyze demand and passenger traffic to inform potential investment opportunities, such as new retail or catering venues, and benefit from reporting capabilities built with high-quality flight data.

How airport service providers use our data

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The leading data platform for the global travel industry

Our versatile platform provides businesses with the data they need, whenever they need it. Find new revenue streams, drive growth across operations and deepen relationships with customers.



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data-driven decisions across the airport


- Use Capacity Data to inform staff scheduling for retail, hospitality, transfer companies and beyond.

- Understand passenger flow for the timely supply of optimal goods for hospitality and retail venues within airports.

- Make decisions based on trustworthy data with deep insights into flight times, demographics and passenger language preferences.


- Data to inform scheduling for fuelers, cleaning services, passenger services and more.

- Track flight delays and tail numbers to stay up to date from the beginning to the end of a flight and beyond.

- Understand the full journey of flights to make efficient plans for your resource distribution, staffing and handling.


Data delivery solutions that match the needs of Airport Service Providers


Flight schedules, near-real time status updates and other rich data sets, easily accessible and all in one place.

Prioritize the data that's important to you and get quick access to global airline schedules, flight status, flight changes and historical flight data in one API call.

Keep your customer updated at every stage of their journey by informing them of any changes, as they happen. React to any disruption quickly and manage resources proactively.

Powered by Microsoft Azure and seamlessly integrated into your systems via our Developer Portal.


Make better decisions faster, with near real-time status and flight status and schedule change updates.

Provide flight updates to customers and users in a fast and modern way, then respond proactively to changes and optimize planning and resource allocation.

With the flexibility and choice of customizable alerts, ground handlers can stay on top of flight changes and changing equipment requirements in near-real time.

With a continuous stream of immediate flight schedule changes, freight operators can adapt quickly to delays or changes to relabel and reroute cargo.


A powerful aviation analysis platform to drive commercial and operational decision making across the industry. Key modules include Schedules, Connections, and Passenger Booking Data.

Ground crew and baggage handlers can create customized reports to view capacity, top airline carriers and more, building viable plans for development and expansion.

Gain the edge in reporting thanks to ready-built charts and graphs, resulting in a better understanding of number of flights and passengers flowing through the airport.

Deep dive research on available opportunity with data validation to create a business case for opening successful restaurants and shops.

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