Flight Data

Our unique flight status database includes millions of historic flights dating back to 2004 which is constantly being updated with live status data and available via multiple delivery methods.

Drive business strategy and deliver the level of predictive innovations that are redefining the travel ecosystem, with delay and arrival data for accurate on-time performance.


Geographic coverage


Data Sources





Data Time Range

2004 - present

Data updates frequency

Near real-time

Key data points

Core Schedule information e.g. carrier, flight number, departure/arrival times, flight date, departure/destination airports

Estimate and actual times for gates

Estimate and actual times for runway

Delays, cancellations, diversions and recovery

Aircraft type and tail number

Departure/arrival gates and terminals

Check-in desk and baggage carousel


Configurable/query by



Data Delivery



Flight Leg Report

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Blend multiple sources of unique OAG travel data within a single, cloud-based platform to gain richer insights, make faster decisions, and identify game-changing opportunities.


Flight schedules, status and rich new data sets, easily accessible and all in one place.

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Make better decisions, faster, with near real-time status and schedule change updates.

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Gain direct access to live ready-to-query data through our partnership with Snowflake.

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How your business benefits

Market Insights

Make investment decisions, plan resource and manage risk through rich data analysis of passenger flow and market demand.

Identify Opportunities

Create a robust trading position through a trusted view of the aviation market.

Risk Management

Stay ahead of claims and assets by gaining a clearer picture of flight history. Examine airline, airport and route performance data to drive internal and competitive benchmark and to plan your future strategy.

Predictive Modelling

Spot competitive advantages, test assumptions, and build models to support theories.

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