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When Geography Plays A Part: JFK’s Dilemma

It seems that even the most mature markets are capable of a growth spurt. Asset utilisation has been a buzz word for airlines in recent years, getting as many hours flying on an aircraft as possible, pushing productivity to record levels and running an efficient business operation. For airports thou...

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Japan’s Tourism Ambition – Going For Gold

It’s an ambitious target to increase your visitor numbers by some nine million in a few years; especially in what many would call a mature market such as Japan. 

But perhaps when you are on the fringes of one of the fastest growing markets in the world and you are about to host the Rugby Union World Cup and the Olympics in 2020 anything is possible.

Compared to many countries international access to Japan remains restricted to a few major airports suggesting that with a change of attitude, some airport privatisation, increased stakeholder support and a more liberalised perspective, new opportunities will emerge.

The next few years could see a dramatic change in both the number of scheduled airlines and international destinations connected to Japan. Whilst it might not be a scrum of carriers rushing to start at the beginning, we expect that by 2020 many will be looking for that golden opportunity.

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