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Enhancing National Security


With up-to-date intelligence of airline schedules for the weeks and months ahead, we enable government agencies such as immigration, border control, civil aviation authorities and related government departments to plan ahead.

Megahubs Index 2016


In the Megahubs Index 2016 we once again take a look at the connectivity of the world’s leading airports, comparing connections based on regional location and airline type. Which airports are the most connected in the world?

Reboot: South America


Whilst short-term the picture looks gloomy, as we edge into 2017, prospects for Latin America look much improved. A look at the current state of airline capacity growth shows that airlines are already responding with plenty of new capacity.

Power of Flight Data


Delivering on-demand services have the potential to do more than improve the customer experience and it’s critical that airports and airlines understand what travellers expect and value.

Punctuality League 2016


Compiled using the most comprehensive airline schedules database in the world and the most trusted source of flight status information, the OAG Punctuality League reveals the annual ranking of on-time performance (OTP) for airlines and airports.



Since 2012, capacity to and from Morocco has increased by nearly 25% to 22.4 million seats to and from the country. The future looks bright for its two major airports, Casablanca and Marrakech too who account for nearly three-quarters of all scheduled capacity.

The Value of Data in China

The Value of Flight Data in China

With travellers expecting more convenience, communication and choice than ever, the importance of urgent, accurate dynamic information in China's digital travel market is greater than ever.

Tourism's Guide


The Travel & Tourism sector is expected to grow faster than many other industries over the next decade with expectations to support over 370 million jobs by 2026. OAG's handy guide helps make it easy to understand how to make the most of aviation data to improve strategies for tourism destinations.

Investing Wisely


The world of aviation data may be exciting but it can equally be a flight path of some turbulence for any financier before any real safe landing and return can be made. So, how do you work your way through all of these distractions, select the right flight paths and prosper?

Demonstrating Dynamic

Demonstrating Dynamic

It's not common for an airline to make significant changes to its schedule close to the day of departure, so seeing fluctuations in capacity in China proved an odd find. OAG investigates the number of seats available by airline and route for the Chinese domestic market over an eight-week period.

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