How Punctual Were The World’s Largest Airlines and Airports in September 2023?

Worldwide, the most punctual airport in September 2023 was Baoshan Airport (BSD), in the Yunnan province, China, where 98.7% of the airport’s 173 scheduled flights departed on time. Looking at larger airports (5,000+ flights per month), Warsaw airport showed the best On-Time Performance (OTP) with 95.7% of flights leaving on time. It was also the top larger airport in August.

When it comes to airlines, Volaris, the Mexican based LCC, record the highest on time performance of all global airlines, with 96.4% of their flights arriving on time.  Volaris falls into our classification of larger airlines with 15,275 flights last month.

Let’s look at how other larger airports and airlines performed around the world in our monthly OTP rankings, as we break it down by region.

EMEA On-Time Performance

Average OTP in this region was 65.3% in September.

Warsaw was top of the list of larger airports, followed by Saudi Arabian airport Riyadh (RUH) with an OTP of 88.0%.

Looking at airlines, the most punctual was Eurowings with an OTP of 94.8%, and the second most punctual amongst the largest scheduled airlines in the EMEA region was Wideroe, the Norwegian regional airline recorded an average of 88.9% of flights on time in September.

Asia Pacific On-Time Performance

The Japanese airport Osaka achieved the highest OTP of large airports, with 91.3% of flights departing on time, followed by another Japanese airport , Okinawa as the second most punctual larger airport in the region with an OTP of 87.7%. The average airport on time performance for the region was 73.5%.

The most punctual large scheduled airline in Asia Pacific was Garuda Indonesia, which operated 95.4% of flights on time last month, retaining its position at the top of the list from August.

Latin America On-Time Performance

Latin America was the best performing region for airports, with average On-Time Performance of 82.0%. Most punctual of the airports with 5,000+ flights per month was Lima Airport at 92.1% OTP. 

The next best large scheduled airline after Volaris, which topped the global list, was Colombian airline Avianca which recorded an OTP of 91.3%.  This region also recorded the best average OTP for airlines of any, at 83.7%.

North America On-Time Performance

Of the large airports in North America, Honolulu (HNL) recorded the highest OTP of 87.6% and the regional average airport on time performance in September was 79.6%.

North America recorded an average airline OTP of 79.1%, which signals a continued improvement in the average OTP for the region over the last four months (June, 50.8%, July 60.7%, August 75.2%). Of the large airlines. Of the large scheduled airlines, Hawaiian Airlines recorded the highest OTP of 87.7% followed by Delta Air Lines, with 84.6% of flights on time last month.

A flight is considered on-time when arrival or departure time is within 15 minutes of schedule. Arriving or departing 15 minutes or after scheduled is taken as not on-time. Each month, we upload new On-Time Performance data to our OTP database. Visit the page and subscribe to receive a notification when new data is ready.




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