Just Launched: Aircraft Fleet Data in the Cloud

Aircraft Fleet Data delivers invaluable insights into aircraft performance, maintenance needs, fuel efficiency and airline commercial performance. With over 78,000 different aircraft, 2,900+ owners and more than 13,000 operators currently tracked globally, Aircraft Fleet Data plays a critical part in understanding and analyzing the global aviation market. 

Today, we’re pleased to announce the release of global, current and historical Aircraft Fleet Data into Flight Info Direct. Powered by Snowflake, Flight Info Direct gives instant access to ready-to-query, high-quality aviation data at speed and scale in the cloud. 

Complimenting and enhancing our existing datasets such as Status, Schedules, Emissions, Bookings and more (all already available in the platform), Fleet Data can be combined and analyzed with other data sets to provide a 360-degree view of the global aviation landscape, delivering a single source of truth and transforming insights within organizations. 

Direct Data Sets Graph (2)


Gain key strategic insight into the composition of an airline’s fleet of aircraft, current aircraft in operation, number of aircraft that are in maintenance or in storage, aircraft type and engine type, number of aircraft and which type they have on order, and estimated aircraft retirement date. 

With Fleet Data in Flight Info Direct, the following data points are included: 

Aircraft Owner & Operator Aircraft Type Aircraft Engine Status Utilization Aircraft Orders
Owners, managers, IOSA, certification, trusts and SVPs Registration number, aircraft type and variant  Engine manufacturer, engine type and subtype Active, stored, written off, not yet delivered, first sight etc. Flight hours/cycles, forecasted cycles, annual utilization etc. Order entity, date, cancelation date etc.


Critical data through the cloud is fuelling data transformation across the industry. Accessing aircraft fleet information with real-time and historical operational data (Flight status) and other key data sets will future proof your aircraft data analysis capabilities. So, now you can:

  1. Power Next Generation Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering 

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning depend heavily on high-quality data to accurately predict maintenance needs and optimize operational efficiency. Algorithms used in these technologies rely on accurate, complete and unbiased data, thereby enhancing their reliability and effectiveness.

  2. Aircraft Data Management for the Future

    Data sharing plays a vital role in future proofing organizations, and is becoming increasingly more collaborative. Data silos and limited integration options pose a significant obstacle to effective data analytics. Implementing efficient integration processes avoids data latency, which impacts the availability of time-sensitive data, crucial for certain analytics applications.

  3. Refine Risk Evaluation and Enhance Valuation Accuracy

    A commercial aircraft (with millions of parts) may be in use for up to 30 years, and have five or six different owners during that time. Blending this data with critical end-to-end journey/flight status data provides advanced insights for investors, as they analyze aircraft leasing and financing trends., usable lifecycles and airline remarketing opportunities in an increasingly difficult supply market.

  4. Navigate a Fluid Operating Environment

    In the aviation industry, change and innovation are constant. With new entrants and emerging markets arising, driving sustainability and adapting to changing geo-political circumstances is paramount. Understanding all aspects of an aircraft fleet, from its network, routes, capacity, frequency and seat configuration, to journey times, delay statistics and critical operational metrics, has never been more important.  


With Fleet Data now available, you’ll have the control to create precise forecasts, understand global fleet and leasing market trends at speed and scale. Spot commercial opportunities and improve operations, all with the backing of powerful, up-to-date technology.  

To find out more about Fleet Data, or try it in Direct, click below to fill in a form and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss your needs.