Summer Insights: Sharing Our Passion For Aviation Data

Our latest aviation webinar was a chance to indulge your inner #avgeek, as our experts - regulars John Grant and Deirdre Fulton joined by Courtney Miller from Visual Approach and Sanja Ples from ch-aviation - looked into some top air travel stats around routes and aircraft.

The team jumped straight in with conversation around the world's longest non-stop routes. Sanja's looking forward to trying out the current third-longest route from Doha to Auckland this summer! Looking at this particular route, the data shows that though the bulk of traffic originates in Europe, South Africa is an important source market, with about 6,000 people a year traveling from South Africa to Doha and then on to Auckland.

From the longest routes to the aircraft that service them: there are 496 A321-XLRs currently on order, with the first deliveries to IAG who will deploy them on airline routes such as Madrid to Boston and Washington. The maps in the slide below show Madrid and Delhi, with the blue points being currently unserved locations that are within range for the A321-XLR.

When John asks Courtney what he thinks American Airlines and United Airlines will use their new A321-XLRs for, he points out that while we've focused on the large range of this aircraft, he thinks the real benefit that is going to be seen here is in the payload.

As the webinar moved along, the panel covered more topics including:

  • Narrowbodies vs widebodies for Transatlantic travel.
  • The shortest widebody routes and flying short-haul with long-haul specialists.
  • The various configurations airlines are using on the A380 - and the resulting seat density rankings.
  • Carriers' interesting fifth freedom routes.
  • The routes with the most stops.
  • Country pairs with most new routes this summer.
  • Shifting capacity share from first to business.
  • The importance of cargo.
  • And yet more!

Watch the webinar in full below, and download the slides to access the charts and data shared during the presentation.

Watch: Sharing Our Love of Aviation Data


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