Aviation Webinar Archive

We held our first webinar in March 2020, initially as a way to share updates on airline capacity as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded. As countries opened back up and capacity increased, OAG's aviation industry webinars remained popular and branched out into wider areas of discussion concerning the travel and aviation industry.

For each webinar, our aviation expert hosts are joined by panelists with deep insight gained from working in the industry. OAG's data forms the basis of every webinar, but conversation reaches across the breadth of the travel and aviation sphere, and our webinar archive now contains recordings covering topics such as:

  • How airports adapted to the pandemic.
  • Which airlines were quickest to recover.
  • The importance of the Chinese aviation market.
  • The role of alliances.
  • Travel trends emerging post-pandemic.

And much more.

We've made our full back catalog of webinars, dating back to 26th March 2020, available on our YouTube channel.


The monthly broadcasts are still going strong, so make sure to sign up for our latest webinar to stay up to date with the freshest data and join the conversation. 

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