Infographic: Top Summer Destinations for US Travelers

This summer is set to be a busy one for US air travel, with 721,651,961 seats in total currently in the schedule for the season, of which 623,853,291 are for domestic travel and 97,798,670 international.

Which destinations do you think US travelers are visiting in summer 2024? We've had a look at the USA's top 10 city pairs for both domestic and international flights, so check out our latest aviation infographic to see if your predictions are correct.


Aviation Infographic: US Top Air Travel Destinations - City Pairs Summer 2024

Which is the Number One City Pair for US International Air Travel?

London will be the most visited city by US international travelers this summer. London-NYC sits at the top of the list with 1,794,067 seats in the schedule - the only city pair on the international list to break the 1 million seats mark (note that these figures are for one-way travel). LA-London, in fourth place, has 733,605 scheduled seats.

Four out of the top ten international city pairs are routes to Western Europe, including the two mentioned above, as well as Paris - NYC - second on the list with 961,416 seats - and NYC-Rome (ninth place, 596,724 seats). Overall, this year will see a record 140,000 scheduled flights between North America and Western Europe, up 6% on last year, which was also a record breaking season.

As you may expect, closer-by Canadian and Latin American cities feature heavily:

  • NYC-Toronto takes third place in the list with 880,171 scheduled seats between the two cities this summer.
  • Orlando-San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital, has 674,745 scheduled seats and sits at number five on the list.
  • While New York-San Juan isn't too far behind in 7th place, with 637,512 seats.
  • Rounding out the list in tenth place is NYC-Santiago, Chile (523,706 seats).

Which is the Number One City Pair for US Domestic Air Travel?

When it comes to travel within the US, the two cities with most airline capacity going between them this summer are Chicago-New York (4,011,020 seats). 

New York features in the top six domestic city pairs in the US, alongside Chicago, as mentioned above, and the following cities:

  • Atlanta (3,577,556 seats)
  • Los Angeles (3,335,658)
  • Orlando (3,115,331)
  • Miami (2,936,371)
  • Fort Lauderdale (2,661,581)

Dallas Fort Worth-NYC (2,459,250 seats) and Charlotte-NYC (2,363,696) take slots 9 and 10 on the list, respectively.

Dallas Fort Worth-LA (2,566,731 seats) and Las Vegas-LA (2,499,520 seats) fill the gaps in positions 7 and 8.


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