Top 10: Europe's Busiest Airports

Updated 8th March 2024. OAG's monthly aviation data highlights the global markets that are recovering and growing, the airlines leading the way, and the airports welcoming the most passengers.

London Heathrow is Europe's Busiest Airport for March 2024

This month, Europe's busiest airport (by total domestic and international seats) is London Heathrow, with 4.3 million seats.

Europes Busiest Airports Infographic 2024

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Second and third places on the list go to Istanbul (3.8m seats) and Paris Charles De Gaulle (3.3m seats) respectively. Within the top three there is no change in the placement of the airports in March 2024 vs March 2023, though all have increased capacity over the past year.

In March 2023, Madrid Adolfo Suarez-Baraja Airport sat in fourth place on the list of Europe's busiest airports, but has now been replaced by Amsterdam, with 3.2m seats.

Rome Fiumicino Airport has moved up the ranks in the past year, now taking eight place on the list, while London Gatwick drops down to tenth place.

Europe's Busiest Airports Listed

Using data sourced from OAG's Schedules Analyser, the complete list of the Top Ten Busiest Airports in Europe based on seat capacity in March 2024 is as follows:

1. London Heathrow: 4,269,535 seats

2. Istanbul Airport: 3,760,652 seats

3. Paris Charles de Gaulle: 3,289,040 seats

4. Amsterdam:  3,200,607 seats

5. Frankfurt International: 3,188,937 seats

6. Madrid Adolfo Suarez-Barajas: 3,082,502 seats

7. Barcelona: 2,456,272 seats

8. Rome Fiumicino: 2,216,146 seats

9. Munich International: 2,067,158 seats

10. London Gatwick: 1,899,762 seats

Busiest Airports Worldwide

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson is the busiest airport globally (international + domestic capacity) this month with over 5.2 million seats. Europe's busiest airport, London Heathrow, sits in 4th place on the list of busiest global airports.

When we only look at international frequency, the busiest airport is Dubai International (4,989,008 seats), followed by London Heathrow (4,002,343 international seats) in second place.

View and interrogate the World's Busiest Airports here

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