New Innovation Tracker: Unveiling the OAG Airline-Tech Innovation Radar

The landscape of innovation in the airline context is ever-evolving. That’s why staying on top of the latest news is crucial for anyone involved in aviation and the larger travel-tech ecosystem.

Recognizing this need for up-to-date and insightful information, OAG is proud to introduce our latest initiative: the OAG Airline-Tech Innovation Radar.

This new monthly feature is designed to spotlight the most impactful and groundbreaking developments within the Airline Tech sector. Each edition of the Innovation Radar will focus on up to three real-world innovations, ranging from recent product launches and pioneering pilot cases to significant collaboration initiatives. These selected highlights will not only showcase the dynamic nature of aviation technology but also provide a lens through which we can observe the trajectory of the industry's future.

By mapping these innovations in our Airline-Tech Innovation Radar, we aim to provide a digestible and concise overview of the technological advances shaping the world of aviation. We dedicate ourselves to bringing to the forfront tangible innovations that are truly transforming airline operations, the passenger experience, and the broader aviation landscape.

Here is what our radar will look like:

The OAG Airline-Tech Innovation Radar is divided into two distinct yet interconnected halves, each reflecting key aspects of the airline business.


On the left, our focus is on innovations within Airline Operations.

This segment aligns with the insights from our latest Airline Operations Report, covering a broad spectrum of operational aspects. These range from airport terminal processes, efficient fuel tanking, and advanced baggage management systems to the complexities of Flight Operations, including the latest crew scheduling platforms and technological tools aiding crew members in delivering top-notch in-flight services to passengers.

The right half of our Radar delves into the retail side of the airline business. Here, we echo the themes explored in our 2023 flagship report on The System Transition in the Airline Industry. This section covers innovations in network and revenue management, distribution channels (including NDC), novel approaches to ancillaries, cutting-edge in-flight entertainment (IFE) solutions, and innovative payment and loyalty programs.


Beyond categorizing these innovations, we also assess their transformational impact, drawing inspiration from McKinsey's three-horizon framework. Each innovation is evaluated based on its ability to either improve existing processes, expand beyond the current operational norms (potentially opening new business avenues), or disrupt the status quo by reimagining traditional airline practices. Over the course of 2024, this will give us a better understanding of the depth of innovation taking place in the airline industry.

Furthermore, each innovation is classified according to its origin: whether it's an internal airline initiative, a product of collaboration with major tech giants like Google or Microsoft (including their travel peers like Amadeus or Sabre), or a groundbreaking idea from a startup. This categorization will offer valuable insights into the driving forces behind real-world airline tech innovations throughout 2024, shedding light on which stakeholders are most actively contributing to the sector's advancement.


We are excited and ready to activate our radar.

March marks the launch of our first monthly Innovation Radar. Each edition will uncover a fresh batch of groundbreaking developments, shining a spotlight on the innovators and pioneers reshaping airline technology.

Get ready for an enlightening journey of discovery and insights, beginning with our inaugural edition.

To ensure you don't miss out on Edition #1: