Infographic: The Busiest Airports in the US

Which are the busiest airports in the US? We’ve taken a look at airline capacity data in February 2024 to see which US airports have the most departing seats.

Busiest Airports in the US

In February 2024, the busiest airport in the US remains the same as the previous month and many months before – Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, with 4.48 million seats it sits more than 700 thousand seats ahead of the airport in second place, Dallas Fort Worth (3.78 million seats).

The third busiest airport for scheduled airline capacity, Denver Airport (3,544,856 seats), is also the biggest airport in the US by land area (52.4mi²) and the second biggest airport in the world, second only to Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd International (299.61 mi²).

The rest of the top ten busiest airports in the US play out as follows:

  • 4th: Los Angeles International, 3,294,554 seats
  • 5th: Chicago O’Hare, 3,217,187 seats
  • 6th: Orlando International, 2,907,336 seats
  • 7th: Miami International, 2,782,790 seats
  • 8th:New York JFK, 2,704,681 seats
  • 9th: Charlotte Airports, 2,650,689 seats
  • 10th: Las Vegas Harry Reid, 2,645,988 seats

Until January 2024, Atlanta airport was consistently at the top of our list of the world’s busiest airports, but in recent months has been surpassed by Dubai International, which is also the world’s busiest international airport this month. In contrast, no US airport makes it into the top ten busiest international airports list, highlighting the importance of the domestic market for US airports.

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