Skift Travel Health Index: December 2023

The global Skift Travel Health Index has reached 102 points in December 2023. Keep reading for insights from the Skift team in the Skift Travel Health Index: December 2023 Highlights.

OAG helps enable Skift's Travel Health Index by providing flight data (powered by OAG Metis).  The Index records travel performance along with other key data points and is a vital source to track the travel industry’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The Skift Travel Health Index is 102 in December 2023.

Highlights from this month's Skift Travel Health Index include:

  • The resilience of the travel industry is marked by the fact that 2023 has exceeded expectations for recovery.
  • Airlines have achieved a 98% recovery vs December 2019, having started at 79% recovery in January this year.
  • Car rental performance dropped 11 pp compared to last month, but the sector’s performance remains a significant 12 pp above pre-pandemic levels.
  • While vacation rental bookings jumped, hotel bookings softened.
  • 15 out of the 22 countries tracked by the index have now overtaken pre-pandemic performance levels.

" 2024 signals a promising comeback as the industry moves past the COVID era, navigating the “new normal,” strengthening, and settling into a stable growth trajectory. " - Saniya Zanpure

Download the latest Skift Travel Health Index Highlights here

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