Snowflake Fireside Chat with OAG

17 August 2021

Learn how OAG uses Snowflake to better support our Customers and empower our Engineers and Data Scientists

As the travel industry recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, clients leverage OAG to make sure they are operationally ready to welcome passengers as well as to rebuild trust with passengers by making sure flight data is visible, accurate, and delivered at speed.

Join this conversation with our CTO, Nick Dearden, and VP of Business Development, Seth Bailey, to learn how we use Snowflake to:

  • Better support OAG’s customers worldwide by moving OAG’s data infrastructure from private cloud to public cloud
  • Empower OAG’s engineers and data scientists through machine learning to derive, predict, and forecast key metrics such as capacity and on-time performance on behalf of customers
  • Democratise data sharing as a provider on Snowflake Data Marketplace so third-party developers and data teams can accelerate product innovation








Topics: Aviation data, data scientists, snowflake, data engineers

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