Sustainability in Aviation: The Path To Net Zero

Can the aviation industry meet its carbon net zero target?

For July's aviation webinar, we talked to Kit Aspen, founder of Thrust Carbon and Mark Pilling, aviation journalist, editor and consultant in the morning, and then for the afternoon Kit was joined by Lauren Riley, who is United Airlines' Managing Director of Global Environmental Affairs.

OAG's Chief Analyst, John Grant and Deirdre Fulton, partner at Midas Aviation, led the conversation as we looked at the aviation industry's ambitious targets for reaching carbon net zero and how they may be achieved. Topics discussed include the usual monthly data from OAG, followed by conversation covering:

  • Targets: What is agreed and by when? And what are the BIG assumptions?
  • SAF supply and demand:  Can SAF deliver on its promise?
  • Carrot or stick: Is the industry waiting for the regulatory frameworks to force them to act?

Below, you can re-watch either session and download the accompanying presentation slides.

Morning Webinar Session:



Afternoon Webinar Session:




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