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The Rise and Rise of IndiGo

Traditionally, purple has been a colour associated with kings and in the Indian domestic market, IndiGo appears to reign. The airline has steadily increased capacity over the past few years and in turn gained market share. Today, the airline operates two in every five scheduled airline seats in Indi...

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February, 15 2017

The American Way – Long-distance relationships

Relationships which cross continents are rarely easy. This is as true for airlines as it is for people as the pressures of geography, time zones and c...

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February, 14 2017

The American Way – Cheap Dates

If you can’t beat them, join them. Or so the motto goes. Having spent years assuming the market could be segmented into discrete passenger types, US l...

Industry News The American Way
February, 13 2017

The American Way – Sweet Nothings

Having gone through a period of intense consolidation, the US now has three truly global airlines. Further mergers between these three would be unlike...

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February, 10 2017

The American Way – Labours of love

The three largest US airlines are all the result of mergers in recent years. While Delta Air Lines appears to be thriving, the effort to create strong...

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February, 09 2017

The American Way – What seven year itch?

It’s now seven years since Delta Air Lines and Northwest completed their merger. Taking the Delta Air Lines name, the new combined entity began flying...

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