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The Rise and Rise of IndiGo

Traditionally, purple has been a colour associated with kings and in the Indian domestic market, IndiGo appears to reign. The airline has steadily increased capacity over the past few years and in turn gained market share. Today, the airline operates two in every five scheduled airline seats in Indi...

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Jodie Novotny

Jodie Novotny
Head of Travel and Technology
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June, 13 2018

Amazon, Facebook and the Future of Travel Tech Booking

In a March blog post, we discussed the rise of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics throughout the travel tech landscape. Today, findings ...

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March, 26 2018

Predictive Intelligence: The Rising Star in Travel Tech Adoption

With all the disruptive technologies promising to revolutionise the travel industry -- biometrics, blockchain, virtual reality, predictive analytics a...

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February, 20 2018

The Secret Weapon for Business Travel Airline Negotiations: Analytics

Market consolidation in the airline industry – paired with a steady influx of new partnerships and alliances – has made negotiating deals with airline...

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March, 24 2017

How Millennials and the Sharing Economy are Driving a new Travel Tech Landscape in the U.S.

New players are becoming a driving force in the travel tech industry, as convenient and transparent options are becoming more prevalent, particularly ...

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