Freebird utilizes OAG’s flight schedules and real-time flight status solutions to ensure speedy mobile flight rebooking

Founded in 2015 in Cambridge, MA, Freebird helps travelers and business travel managers instantly book a new ticket after a flight cancellation, significant delay or missed connection. Rather than standing in long customer service lines or waiting on hold, Freebird customers get a better experience by being able to rebook their flight straight from their smartphone – on any airline, for free.

Speed and accuracy rule the traveler’s world – and get them to the places that matter most.

For organizations and travel managers, this means less time, money and frustration, and higher levels of travel effectiveness. The real-time information enables those responsible for corporate travel management to act, not react, to what’s happening to itineraries, and optimize the traveler journey so it’s as short, convenient and cost-effective as possible. Business travelers benefit from more control and a better overall experience, and most importantly, getting to their destination as quickly as possible.


To rebook travelers quickly, Freebird needs constant visibility into what’s happening across the U.S. airspace, and on-demand access to schedule changes. With the market experiencing about 120,000 flight schedule changes per day – that’s over one million in a single month – staying on top of changes and being able to act quickly is incredibly important to satisfy customers and over-deliver on their expectations. If a disruption occurs, the app immediately alerts impacted travelers of the schedule changes and prompts them to choose a rebooking option on their mobile device.

Every second counts – for the traveler, and the bottom line.

When it comes to flight disruptions, every second counts – even a slight delay in information can cause major inconveniences, frustrations, and additional costs. Traditional air travel rebooking methods can cost corporations an additional 5-15 percent, while significantly decreasing TMC service quality and agent efficiency.


With OAG’s partnership, Freebird not only makes travelers’ lives better by reducing headaches and frustration when flight disruptions occur, but also streamlines operations for travel departments and managers who handle flight arrangements, helping them optimize traveler journeys so they are conveniently and efficiently getting passengers where they need to go at the right cost:


  • Decreases travel costs for organizations by 5-10 percent of air spend
  • Saves travelers 3-5 hours, on average, in rebooking and travel time
  • Avoids high last-minute rebooking fees or costs

With a trusted partner and the most up-to-date and accurate flight information, Freebird can confidently keep travelers and travel managers informed so they can make alternative arrangements and rebook quickly.

"The essential ingredient to Freebird’s service: reliable, realtime schedules and flight status data solutions. There’s a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes that enables us to do what we do – but it all comes down to timing and real-time decision making. Data quality is incredibility important, but Freebird’s differentiator is the speed at which we process and act on disruption data."

Pete Harrison, Head of Marketing at Freebird.

"When a flight gets canceled and there are 200 travelers looking for seats that aren’t available, getting to the front is critical. Freebird puts relevant options in front of travelers right away, which speeds the time to rebooking and reduces frustration and headache for all involved. We couldn’t do that without the reliable, real-time analytical solutions that OAG provides, which gives us the dynamic data we need – and fast."

Pete Harrison, Head of Marketing at Freebird.



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