APTCO accesses the most accurate, flexible and up-to-date flight schedule data on the market.

Routehappy – a product line of ATPCO – helps airlines, OTAs and distributors to differentiate, improve the booking experience and monetize their products with rich content. Its Amenities API provides comprehensive and visual cabin amenity data that includes seat, aircraft, layout, Wi-Fi, entertainment, power, food and beverages. 

The rich content lets travelers know exactly what will be included with their flights before they book – improving the customer experience and enabling airlines and OTA to increase revenue and yield. Learn how OAG’s data enables ATPCO to pivot around constantly changing airline schedules and deliver high-value content to airlines, OTA, distributors and travelers.

Routehappy: Everything Starts With Data Quality & Freshness

Reliable, timely and accurate airline schedules data is critical to everything Routehappy brings to the market.

“OAG’s SSIM data files are fundamental to what we offer. We couldn’t offer the services we provide without having top-notch data,” said Jason Rabinowitz, manager Catalogue Data at ATPCO.

When travelers book flights, there are a lot of amenities, ancillaries, and options to consider, including Wi-Fi, entertainment, seat selection, checked bag allowance and more. Routehappy helps travelers see all the flight amenities, fare benefits and restrictions in one place right as they book their flights. With more than 100,000 schedule changes a day, it’s critical for Routehappy to stay up to date to ensure its content remains relevant and accurate.

OAG’s flight data – delivered via a SSIM file – is seamlessly integrated with Routehappy’s amenity insight to provide customers with the most up-to-date schedule information. The files are delivered four times a week to ensure freshness.

“Our process would fall apart without the service OAG provides. We trust OAG to deliver reliable information, on-time, every time,” added Rabinowitz.

Breadth, Simplicity & Flexibility 

Accuracy and ease of integration are essential for companies like ATPCO. The SSIM file from OAG makes ingesting and integrating the data with their airline amenity database simple and easy. The files are delivered with flexible compression and transmission options to ensure efficiency.

Once the data is ingested, Routehappy can easily manipulate, analyze and compare the data with their airline products to share competitive information with customers, such as where aircraft with the best amenities operate to/from, where competitors are operating and more. “The breadth and flexibility of OAG’s data enable us to add value by uncovering new insights for our customers,” said Rabinowitz. “The ingestion process is fast, easy and reliable.”

OAG’s SSIM files enable businesses to plan and act on the most up-to-date airline schedule information. Airline schedules can be delivered in various frequencies, across any platform and for any system, with schedule changes and updates delivered, daily, multiple times a day, weekly or in real-time.

Find out more information about OAG’s analytical and data solutions and learn what fast and reliable data can do for your business.

“Our process would fall apart without the service OAG provides. We trust OAG to deliver reliable information, on-time, every time." 

Jason Rabinowitz, Manager, Catalogue Data


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OAG has the most flexible frequency delivery capability in the market. Its fast and easy to use data solutions and APIs ensure flexible integration and enable technology providers to manage and control their own supply of air travel data – which maximizes efficiency, saves money and creates an unrivalled competitive advantage. OAG’s schedules and flight status data solutions have become the number one choice for technology providers, travel management companies and innovators.