Assessing and addressing risk for safer travel.

Founded in 1989 and based in Montreal, Quebec, Magnatech Travel Management Solutions develops software that facilitates daily tasks of corporate travel management companies. The company’s SafeToGo program, a premium duty of care application, provides travel management companies (TMCs) with the ability to track and locate travelers in real time and instantly assess and address any potential travel or safety risk, including hurricanes, earthquakes, security issues, political terrorism, and more.

Critical concerns require immediate, accurate data and zero downtime.

In an increasingly global and complex travel environment, travel consultants and management companies need to know where their travelers are at all times, especially when safety risks or itinerary changes occur. Success requires access to the most reliable, immediate and relevant flight status, itinerary and safety information.

Magnatech’s SafeToGo application interprets and centralizes flight status and itinerary data on an interface map that shows where travelers are exposed to disruption and safety risks. The dashboard enables TMCs to deliver a truly worry-free and enhanced experience for their clients by equipping them to proactively understand where travelers are located and where interruptions could occur. The system then immediately contacts the traveler to discuss their location and itinerary, and ultimately ensure their safety.


If a disruption or flight status change is expected, the SafeToGo application immediately sends notifications to all stakeholders – TMCs, travel managers and travelers – both in the app and via email, about the potential disruption, available solutions and the best next steps.

To facilitate this process quickly and effectively, Magnatech needs the most reliable and accurate status data as fast as possible. Even a slight delay in receiving and conveying this type of information could put traveler experience and safety in jeopardy. Due to this, Magnatech required a trusted supplier so they could have faith in the data and make the right, informed decisions quickly. They partnered with OAG.


Powered by OAG, Magnatech has been able to proactively assess critical disruption, safety risks and reduce the time to resolution by 60 to 75 percent on average. This enhances the customer experience, ensures traveler safety and increases productivity for TMCs and travel managers.


  • Ensures the safety of almost 2 million travelers per year
  • Notifies and resolves issues within 5 to 15 minutes
  • Mitigates 37,000+ travel risks per year
  • Has improved productivity of TMCs by 75 to 80 percent

By actively monitoring traveler itineraries, flight status and safety concerns with the most reliable and immediate flight information, Magnatech speeds strategic decision-making and confidently keeps travelers and travel managers informed when it matters most: Security concerns, volcanic activity, tsunamis, general advisory, earthquakes, political terrorism, extreme weather, hydrological conditions, health alerts and fires.

"We deal with sensitive situations that need to be handled right away. We can’t let even a few minutes go by before assessing and addressing the risks - everything needs to be handled at the time it’s reported. Without OAG, we wouldn’t be able to deliver this service and ensure traveler safety."

Delia Oviedo, Director of Mobile Technology at Magnatech


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