New Emissions Data: Test and Learn in Partnership with Our Latest POC

Through OAG Labs, we continue to run ongoing experiments to help us launch data sets at speed and in partnership with our customers and stakeholders. Our approach is to work with you, share our work, get feedback, and collaborate.

Together we are creating new data models, derived and predictive versions of data very quickly, taking a more agile, modern, tech-led approach through data science. We ask questions of the data, avoid assumptions, and use the latest technology to guide us.

As a result of our latest experimentation, we are now able to offer a POC Emissions Data set that can predict carbon emissions of scheduled flights by flight, seat, aircraft type, engine type and typical fuel consumption. Configurable at Route, Flight and Aircraft level.

Data is now available to test exclusively through Flight Info Direct and includes emissions and fuel burn calculations for Actual Flights 2019 and Scheduled Flights + 1 year * (sample data)

How can this data help you?

  • Travelers want to make greener choices: demand for ‘labeling’ around flights is increasing and as the world starts to fly again, this differentiation can impact look-to-book ratios.
  • As ESG performance grows in importance for investors, climate risk information and data on airline valuations needs to be accessible, transparent, and easy to understand,
  • Travel providers, employers and employees seek sustainable travel strategies and require data to implement their carbon offsetting schemes.
  • Airlines continue to focus on sustainable fuel strategies, new data sets can help identify key areas of improvement, inform operational efficiencies on the ground and in the air.

    We invite you to find out more and join our emissions experiment!


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