Status Data is Launched in Flight Info Direct ☁️

Flight Status Data is now available via our cloud enabled solution, Flight Info Direct. Launched in early 2021, both existing customers and new customers have been drawn to the versatile capabilities of Flight Info Direct, and have enjoyed instant access to high-value data, including Global Airline Schedules Data, Emissions Data, Connections Data and Master Data

As the demand for real time insights and high-value operational data soars, we are able to provide data covering the entire flight lifecycle. Delivering Status alongside Schedules in one place eliminates the struggle with multi-sourcing/reconciliation and quality issues. Being able to view Flight Data as one, using the data to reflect the whole passenger experience is a sizable shift away from the old schedules and status silos of the past.

Thanks to the versatility of the Snowflake platform, customers have a menu of integration options available to them. This removes the need to download data for analysis and connect OAG data directly to your internal systems or connect with BI tools such as Power BI. Integration is seamless and can be done in days, not weeks. No compute storage is needed and you can access the data anywhere, anytime in the cloud. There's no other solution on the market quite like it. 

Data Highlights 👇

Data Views –

  • Summary – The last known update is shown when data is refreshed (6am UTC)
  • Detailed – A timestamped view of every update

Time Range – 27th November 2021 (history) – 52 hr before scheduled departure – 48hrs after scheduled arrival

Update Frequency – Daily

Key Data Points - 

  • Estimated and actual timeliness (early, on time or delayed)
  • Estimated and actual variation (time between scheduled departure and actual departure)
  • Flight State (Scheduled, OutGate, InAir, Landed, InGate, Cancelled or Diverted)
  • Aircraft Type, Tail Number and Airport Codes (IATA & ICAO)
  • Predicted and Actual Seats (by cabin and total) 


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