Half-Year Highlights: Discover What's New at OAG

2022 is well underway and we have been as busy as ever adding more and more data to our OAG Metis platform. We have also been creating new intuitive products that offer a better and faster way to consume our flight data.

Our new APIs are now even more powerful; Flight Info Direct is redefining traditional aviation analysis and our Alerts product, built for speed and scale, delivers immediate flight changes that matter most to you.

New and existing customers continue to choose our game-changing platform, where we continually add more data and functionality. Here’s a run-through of some of our product highlights so far this year:

Say Goodbye to Data Silos With Flight Info Direct

Status Data is now available in Flight Info Direct - powered by our Snowflake Platform - opening endless possibilities for our customers. It provides unparalleled cloud access to insights on the thousands of flights and cancellations, and millions of flight status updates that we track and process. And combined with Schedules Data, you can now see the complete end-to-end lifecycle of any flight.

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Flight Info Direct provides ready-to-query, high-quality aviation data in the cloud, that can be integrated smoothly into a variety of business applications. Analyze large data sets at speed including estimated and actual timelines and variation, flight status, aircraft type and future capacity to provide exceptional insight into flights planned, versus the outcomes seen post journey.

Flight Info Direct has also seen the addition of new data sets such as Connections, Master Data and Emissions.

Additional Data Added to Flight Info API

Status Data is Now Live

The Flight Info APIs are faster, easier to integrate, and built using the best technology available. Fuelled by our OAG Metis platform, you can now access the full spectrum of airline schedules and near real-time status data in one API, allowing you to react to any disruption quickly, manage resources efficiently, and keep your customers up-to-date. 

Flight Info Connections API

Underpinned by the freshest airline schedules in the market, our Flight Connections API enables customers to access to a weekly produced global view, which includes schedule data with one year validity for all passenger flights worldwide - that's more than 200 million single air connections in one view.

Our API is powered by the most modern format (RESTful JSON API) and can be scaled in line with your business requirements or product portfolio. Thanks to our interactive developer portal and documentation, integrating with your systems and applications has never been easier.

Try Status API and Connections API here >>

Flight Changes as They Happen With Flight Info Alerts

With changes delivered in near real-time, Flight Info Alerts is built for speed and scale. First, we'll detect and verify changes, then we'll deliver instant alerts, customizable so you receive the updates that matter the most to you, via Azure Event Hubs. 

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What’s Coming Next?

Looking ahead, Status Data will also be added to Flight Info Alerts. This means that our rich status insights will benefit from the functionality of a highly configurable platform that delivers change events in near-real time. Deliver flight updates to your customers and users in a fast and modern way and choose the changes you want to see when you need to see them all in one place.

Additional pre-pandemic historical flight Schedules Data will be exposed to more products on our Metis platform. This will enable faster access to large amounts of historic data to accelerate impactful analysis. We’ll be unlocking the ability for our customers to connect to their systems and tools of choice, making aviation data easier to analyze and operationally use.

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