Phoenix to Orlando – whatever next in the US one-stop shop?

Geography can be challenging, especially when you are located on the East or West Coast of the United States and need to fly somewhere quickly. Time zones can work against you; airline schedules can be a nightmare and fares for non-stop services may be too high for that last-minute trip.

This is why so many passengers travel via an intermediate point and noticeably more when travelling across the country from one of those coastal cities. Those indirect passengers epitomise the ‘underserved element’ of any market and represent an opportunity for new capacity and service in the coming years.

By flying through existing hubs, those volumes represent tomorrow’s new non-stop passengers and in OAG’s follow up to our Top 50 Underserved International routes, OAG shines a light on the one-stop US domestic market.

We identify the top 25 key city pairs in the largest domestic scheduled air transport market in the world. One of those ‘underserved markets’ Phoenix to Orlando is already scheduled to launch early next year; congratulations Alaska Airlines. It’s a sign that there’s plenty more opportunities still to be had.

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