Underserved Routes from A to B, via C

We all like to travel as directly as possible from one destination to the next but sometimes it just isn’t possible. That once daily frequency may be at the wrong time of day, flights may be full or prices just too high. On many routes, especially longer-haul journeys, large proportions of passengers travel via an intermediate point; sometimes because they want to but more frequently because they have to.

OAG’s analysis of underserved routes for 2015 identifies major international cities where large proportions of travellers still travel via an intermediate point. Surprisingly, one third of those routes were to and from the United States, amounting to nearly 3 million passenger journeys. India, Thailand and Saudi Arabia are all major international markets where large proportions of travellers continue to fly indirectly to their destination frequently adding hours to their total journey time.

In OAG's latest report, we consider international airline bookings only for 2015 (the most recent full year of data) and identify the Top 50 passenger routings by round trip booking volumes using O&D data, which make a single airport connection in each direction.

Hopefully on your next journey you will not have to fly via an indirect point but if you do, rest assured that many others on your flight are likely to be doing the same thing to get to their destination.

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