The Pursuit of Punctuality

The availability of more data than ever before has given the aviation industry the ability to carry out increasingly more in-depth and insightful analysis of operational performance.  In this paper, we explore the experience of some of the world’s busiest airlines and airports, seeking to understand more about what steps they are taking to improve and maintain high levels of on-time performance.

A single measure can never do justice to the complexity of running a punctual operation, but it can provide a handy shorthand for performance, as OAG’s Punctuality League proves every year. Journalists pick up the element of competition between airlines and airports, and airlines and airports are keen to justify or explain their ranking and promote it to their passengers.

The industry always wants more insight on punctuality – more data, analysis, explanation, understanding of the exceptions and appreciation of how hard it is to achieve consistently strong on-time performance (OTP) in an environment where skies are congested, airports need more resources and investment and no single entity can deliver on its own.

OAG delves deeper into the complexity of OTP by highlighting some of the airports and airlines – including airBaltic, AirAsia, London Gatwick Airport, Hong Kong Airlines and Riga Airport – which are leading the way in punctuality by working strenuously and investing in improving OTP. These industry players have made the pursuit of punctuality an obsession.

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