Game Changing Technology Platform | OAG Metis

Today saw the announcement of OAG Metis, our new technology platform. Powered by Microsoft Azure and Snowflake, it is built to grow, scale and be flexible to customers’ needs.

OAG Metis is an open platform with access to a blended and configurable view of high-value flight information, including airline schedules and flight status. It is also the home to new, unique datasets, derived and predictive proprietary data.

It has been built to deliver effortless insight with access to unique OAG data in any format, wherever it is needed, providing tremendous flexibility for the whole travel ecosystem.

Powering an exciting roadmap of product innovation, OAG Metis has already enabled the creation of the recently launched Flight Info API with the freshest data in the market, and Flight Info Direct to expedite processing and allow flexible access to raw OAG data.

It will be at the heart of all future products, new content, and capabilities. OAG’s dedicated data science team, OAG Labs, is already unlocking capabilities of the platform using AI-enhanced data to predict what is likely to happen based on past and recent events.

Through customer-led innovation and collaboration we continue to develop our new wave of products powered by OAG Metis, if you would like to be a collaborative partner please get in touch at

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