Goldilocks and on-time performance

As airports and airspace become more crowded, the way operations are managed will increasingly set the outstanding apart from the merely adequate. On-time performance is a key metric for airlines and airports but has been underused as a means of expressing superior performance to the travelling public.

However, as travellers become ever more savvy with data, we should expect that on-time performance will be another data-point they look to for reassurance that their plans will run as scheduled and the stress of flying will be minimal. It will be a factor in choosing which airline to fly with and which airport to connect between flights.

Just as Goldilocks looked for the porridge that was not too hot or too cold but ‘just right’ in the children’s fairy tale, so airlines need to achieve that sweet-spot which is the right balance between over-demanding aircraft utilisation, which risks leaving connecting passengers stranded or disappointed, and a reliable schedule but one that misses out on profitability. A keen focus on on-time performance and the factors which contribute to consistent high levels of performance may be the key to getting it right.

Our latest whitepaper From Punctuality to loyalty: Turning On-time Performance To Your Advantage explores the importance of on-time performance as a critical KPI and brand differentiator and coincides with the launch today of OAG’s On-time Performance Star Ratings Programme the global accreditation for airlines and airports.