OAG Celebrates the Launch of New Flight Info Connections API


With new and exciting updates, such as global, weekly coverage, a variety of connection types and more, we are pleased to introduce you to our latest product development, Flight Info Connections API.

Through the use of Flight Info Connections API, our customers are now able to receive weekly updates on global single passenger connections. Immediately ready for integration into your systems and applications, Connections API also provides the tools you need to display and build all possible connections. Getting your customer from point A to point B is now more seamless than ever and, thanks to technology from our cloud platform, OAG Metis, Connections API benefits from modern RESTful JSON API, giving your systems the momentum they need.

Like all our flight data sets, solutions and analytics, Connections API is supported by the most accurate and up-to-date airline schedules information in the aviation data marketplace. Let's take a look at some of the individual features of Flight Info Connections API in closer detail.

  • Coverage
    Global coverage and weekly updates with 1-year validity mean that Connections API gives you a broad, fresh and comprehensive picture of the connections data that is vital to your business. You will be able to show all possible flight connections to customers, expanding your coverage and visibility.

  • Types of Connections
    Online, Offline, Interline and Forced Connections are all included within Connections API, meaning that the information you give your customer covers all the bases, as well as assisting your analysis for new market entry strategy.

  • Number of Connections
    Single (Leg1 & Leg2) connections data allows you to source the fastest flight route options for time sensitive shipments and identify opportunities for future network and route development.

  • Additional Data Points
    Connections API also includes further flight data points to help contextualize the information you receive. These include aircraft type, Low-Cost Indicator, Alliance Indicator, Distance and Elapsed Time - details that help you find low-cost carriers for virtual interlining, and alliance memberships for loyalty programs.

Flight Info Connections API is available to trial immediately through a visit to our Developer Portal. But if you'd prefer to speak with a data specialist, click the button below and we'll be in touch at a time that suits you.



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