Your Most Powerful Aviation Data Set

Your Most Powerful Aviation Data Set

It’s probably one of the most powerful data sets for airports in their quest for new air service development and yet frequently gets overlooked. Chasing new air services is challenging, time-consuming and can be expensive but once secured, those new services are a crucial test of an airport’s market worth.

At OAG, we’ve been working on a market stimulation curve for airports in Asia. By taking existing indirect traffic demand and monitoring traffic growth on new services launched across some 2,500 city pairs, we’ve developed a ‘Stimulation Curve’ that shows the power of new services.


Our analysis reveals that an existing indirect market size of some 100,000 could reasonably expect to see an increase of over 50% once a new direct service is introduced in Asia. With nearly 2,000 city pairs in the continent with current demand of between 25,000 and 100,000, the opportunity for every airport to develop and use their own regional stimulation curve using OAG aviation data is compelling.

To see the market stimulation curve in action, read our full report on Asia's rise by clicking the button below.

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