OAG reveals Top 50 World’s Most Connected Airports

It’s aspirational, ambitious, complex and frequently reliant on believing one single airline can make it happen but every airport dreams of being a hub or Megahub. It’s a term of no precise definition, no real analytical assessment or quantification, until now.

Using OAG’s most powerful analytics tool, Connections Analyser and working with a team of industry experts, we have used the power of the data to determine the real Megahubs, meaning the most connected airports, around the globe. Be warned - the results may surprise you.

In OAG's Megahubs Index 2015 report, we take a look at the questions aviation has been asking for years. Has the real power of the Megahub really drifted towards the Middle East? Who has moved forward in the last 5 years and improved their connectivity? Who will be the winners and losers in the next few years? Furthermore, we investigate low-cost carriers as in the age of the self-connecting passenger, where are the major low-cost carrier hubs?

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