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Cooling Off Period – Mixed messages in the US and ...

The US-China aviation market has stagnated. For the first time in years growth will have come to a halt as of March 2019. The 12-month rolling average of capacity between the two nations will have stopped growing, according to OAG data.

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Hiten Patel
17 Aug 2015 | By Hiten Patel

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Alaska Airlines Strengthens Relationship With American

Alaska Airlines Strengthens Relationship with American

With the news last week that Alaska Airlines has extended its codeshare relationship with American Airlines, we take a look at what this may mean for the carrier.

In a story earlier this summer, Delta Looks West with Focus on Far East, we reported signs that the relationship between Alaska and Delta Air Lines was weakening. This was due to the feed provided by Alaska Airlines to Delta’s long-haul services at SEA falling from 22% in 2011 to just 7% in 2014, as Delta increasingly has started to eat into Alaska’s territory.

Whilst the announcement last week is mostly about extending frequent flyer benefits to Alaska Airlines customers on flights operated by US Airways as well as those operated by American, it’s a sign that the relationship between Alaska and American is getting stronger.


Source: OAG Traffic Analyser

For the same period, Alaska’s feed to and from Delta has grown by only 1% and has been eclipsed by the total volume to and from American, reflecting the changing nature of these relationships. Deepening their relationship with American can only be good news for Alaska who have been facing greater completion on home turf as their relationship with Delta cools.

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